Meet Our Staff

Degreed Teachers & Staff
Stonebridge Academy hires only mature, experienced, certified and degreed teachers. Our teachers are trained to provide the best care possible to our students, which include being a positive role model who is supportive, nurturing, warm and responsive to each child in their care.

CPR/First Aid Training
All staff members are certified in CPR/First Aid which helps provide the safest environment for your child.

Low Teacher / Student Ratio
We offer classrooms with lower teacher/student ratio than recommended by the Texas State Minimum Standards. Our low teacher/student ratio improves the teachers' ability to better interact and assist the children in their class.

The Stonebridge Academy staff is exceptional in their care, their patience and their encouragement of students. Education is a continuum, a book as instilling in its students a lifetime. We set the style for that book, instilling in its students a lifelong Stonebridge Academy enthusiasm for learning.

Our teachers are degreed and certified professionals who are committed to enriching and enhancing each child's intellectual, language, social emotional, physical, and creative development.